Dr. Steven Greer: UFO-Disclosure Film SIRIUS

Dr. Steven Greer (CSETI/Disclosure Project/Orion Project) kündigt sein neuestes Projekt an: einen Dokumentar-Film zum Thema Disclosure (Enthüllungen). Gemeinsam mit dem Dokumentarfilmer Amardeep Kaleka, Preisträger bei den Emmy Awards, möchte Dr. Greer dieses Projekt verwirklichen. Es ist nun an der Zeit, die Enthüllungen und die Disclosure-Bewegung auf die nächste Stufe zu heben und einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen.
Der erste Teil des Films wird Zeugenaussagen enthalten, welche den Nachweis erbringen werden, dass wir bereits von außerirdischen Zivilisationen besucht worden sind. Der zweite Teil wird die Zusammenhänge aufzeigen, wie das Thema "Außerirdische" sich zum Thema "Neue Energien" und der Entwicklung einer neuen Zivilisation auf dem Planeten Erde verhält. Der letzte Teil des Films wird die Kontakte vorstellen, welche die CE-5-Gruppen unter Führung von Dr. Greer erlebt haben (CE-5 = Close Encounters of the 5th kind = Nahbegegnungen der 5. Art).

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied III - UFOs From Outer Space


Filmmaker / Director JOSE ESCAMILA joins Producer / Director CARY MARTYNUIK in making the third installment of; Jose Escamilla's UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied branded series. In this ground-breaking film they are covering all of the UFOs ever filmed in outer space.

From the 1950's filmings of UFOs during the first ever outer space flights, through the early Gemini Missions with John Glenn, Gordon Cooper, and through the Apollo Moon Missions to the ISS and Shuttle flights to our present times, this film brings you everything that was ever filmed during all those extraordinary missions and flights.

The latest filming of UFOs coming to earth from deep space and the huge starships that are doing "something" to our sun are also presented in what is considered to be the most shocking aspects about gigantic starships larger than the planet Jupiter and earth combined, orbiting and hovering very close to our sun, without us knowing their purpose and intent for being there. These giant starships suddenly began appearing at our sun in 2008.

We don't know who or what is piloting these enormous ships, but they are there!

UFOs From Outer Space is yet another controversial and impactful film made by filmmaker Jose Escamilla, this time with fellow filmmaker Cary Martynuik, who is the foremost authority on NASA and what has been the cover up that has shadowed our space program.

The film is being released later in 2011.






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